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Dusty Locane is a American rapper from Brooklyn, New York best known for the viral song Rolando (Caught In The Rain), which was released in November 2020.


Dusty Locane is best known for his hit song Rolando (Caught In The Rain), released in November 2020. Rolando has garnered more than 7.2 million views on YouTube as of February 2021.

Dusty Locane has been compared to the late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke who he sounds remarkably similar. Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke are not related but grew up together in Canarsie, Brooklyn and went to elementary school together as kids.

Dusty Locane revealed this in an interview with Fucious TV.

“You’re entitled to your opinion, but you don’t know me. If you believe that, stick to that. Don’t switch when you see that I’m up, living better and doing better. If you believed that at some point in time I was trying to be somebody.”

“Elementary mostly. He left around 5th grade — 66th for anybody who know. Yeah we used to roll up, me, [Mike Dee], Stacks, Ace, all of us went to that same school.”

Before music career Dusty wanted to play basketball and even went to junior college for a year before getting expelled. He only started rapping after a stint in jail.

How does he get his unique name?

In an interview with Fucious TV, Dusty explained how he came with the name.

“I get asked this all the time. In Canarsie, where I’m from, moving ‘dusty’ is a term where it’s like you moving gritty, you on time, you do sh-t a certain way. That’s the name I adapted. And the ‘Locane’ is some Crip shit, add some finesse to it. Gritty with a little finesse.”


Dusty Locane is 21 years old as of February 2021.


Dusty Locane is not related to Pop Smoke but went to elementary school together as kids with him in Canarsie, Brooklyn.


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