This World Is Going to Ruin You by

This World Is Going to Ruin You
Released: 4th March, 2022

About This World Is Going to Ruin You

This World is Going to Ruin You is an album by The album was released on Mar 4, 2022. It contains 12 songs.

Critic Reviews

  • have raised the bar for any industrial hardcore that comes out in 2022.

    Rating: 90/100
    Metal Injection
  • With eight of the record’s 12 tracks clocking in under three minutes apiece, this isn’t an album that wastes any time in laying waste to everything around it.

    Rating: 90/100
    Distorted Sound
  • With VEIN.FM, it is very possible to listen to the same songs one hundred times and hear something new on each pass.

    Rating: 85/100
  • Conceptually and musically, it’s a startlingly ambitious piece of work from a truly iconoclastic band.

    Rating: 80/100
  • While not everything works out as intended, the seeds have been sown for growth and refinement. The album does a great job of acknowledging the band's past, and where one can expect them to move forward.

    Rating: 70/100