Transparency by Twin Atlantic

Released: 7th January, 2022

About Transparency

Transparency is an album by Twin Atlantic. The album was released on Jan 7, 2022. It contains 10 songs.

Critic Reviews

  • It all feels like something of a middle finger to expectation and convention.

    Rating: 60/100
  • The record sags in the middle when the pace dies down, but ‘Transparency’ never overstays its welcome. It may not produce the “massive hit” McTrusty once pined for, but it’s a sign there’s life in the old dog yet.

    Rating: 60/100
  • Ultimately, there are enough ideas on display here to just about see Twin Atlantic right. While it may not be a clear-cut success, Transparency does prove once again that its creators have it in them to be bloody great.

    Rating: 60/100