Fix Yourself, Not The World by The Wombats

Fix Yourself, Not The World
Released: 14th January, 2022

About Fix Yourself, Not The World

Fix Yourself, Not the World is an album by The Wombats. The album was released on Jan 14, 2022. It contains 12 songs.

Critic Reviews

  • Anyone surprised at the trio's continued success clearly hasn't been listening. Pop ambition, indie ideals and sonic experimentation: it's all here.

    Rating: 80/100
  • That ironic dissonance between self-love and self-loathing is what makes Fix Yourself, Not the World such a thrilling and thoughtful pop experience.

    Rating: 80/100
  • Perhaps it’s their captivating storytelling taking a psychological turn, or maybe it’s the way they’ve incorporated cutting edge electronica, pop and R&B elements into the melodic energies of classic new wave, alt-rock and indietronica, but, ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ is a record that will appeal. It is arguably their best work yet.

    Rating: 80/100
  • Not only does Fix Yourself, Not The World serve a purpose of filling up major venues, but The Wombats have shown what can be achieved when crisp, energetic pop songs and meaningful lyrics combine to keep hold of a generation of indie fans as well as gaining hordes of younger ones along the way.

    Rating: 70/100
  • An album that doesn’t push at any boundaries, but is designed to get their younger audience moving.

    Rating: 70/100
  • Fix Yourself, Not the World isn’t going to change the face of music, but nor is it going to do anything to impede the Wombats’ latter-day progress.

    Rating: 60/100
    The Guardian
  • Mostly the album settles for sprightly mediocrity, and is often quite pleasurable, if you define pleasure as the absence of pain.

    Rating: 60/100
    The Observer
  • ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ is a record where the bangers are lurking around the corners, and the band are listening to too much Joy Division but forgetting to dance.

    Rating: 60/100
  • The main problem dogging what should have been an excellent album is that at no point does it sound like the three band members played the same song at the same time in the same room—because they didn’t.

    Rating: 60/100
    Spectrum Culture
  • There is no excuse for accepting this level of mediocrity, and there is no fix that will remedy a problem like The Wombats.

    Rating: 20/100
    No Ripcord