Closure / Continuation by Porcupine Tree

Closure / Continuation
Released: 24th June, 2022

About Closure / Continuation

CLOSURE / CONTINUATION is an album by Porcupine Tree. The album was released on Jun 24, 2022. It contains 10 songs.


Critic Reviews

  • Closure/Continuation is best thought of as a wonderful factory of nostalgia that will delight all who've been eagerly awaiting it.

    Rating: 90/100
    Metal Injection
  • Over a tight 48 minutes, C/C weds a reinvigorated affirmation of band identity to expansive energies, all to confident effect: “The sum of all, of new and old,” as Wilson’s lyrics put it.

    Rating: 80/100
    Record Collector
  • As its title hints, Closure/Continuation sounds like a work in progress.

    Rating: 80/100
    The Arts Desk
  • A reunion almost too good to be true makes for a lovely comeback album with a faint glow of nostalgia that showcases the band’s unique style.

    Rating: 80/100
  • After a 13-year wait, this is not a product made for old time’s sake – it is a vital, breathing work, exploring the gaps between extremes posed by the band and the prog world at large.

    Rating: 80/100
    Spectrum Culture
  • A welcome new entry in PT's catalog, it reveals in fits and starts that the band have plenty left to say -- just what that is remains elusive and unclear on this wide-ranging return.

    Rating: 70/100
  • On its first album in over a decade, the UK prog band embraces a newly collaborative process, setting an atmosphere of creeping tension and volatility.

    Rating: 69/100
  • Its weaker moments suggest a group that’s struggling to find something new to say, both thematically and musically. But when the band stretches out and explores their full dynamic range, capturing the dystopian overtones wafting through Wilson’s lyrics, they’re still capable of reaching cathartic heights.

    Rating: 60/100
    Slant Magazine
  • Porcupine Tree still have something to say. It’s just not clear what that is yet.

    Rating: 60/100
  • After a 12-year hiatus, the trio return with an inquisitive, unpredictable set that finds their experimental side intact.

    Rating: 60/100
    The Guardian