Household Name by Momma

Household Name
Released: 1st July, 2022

About Household Name

Household Name is an album by Momma. The album was released on Jul 1, 2022. It contains 12 songs.


Critic Reviews

  • This album is fun, dreamy, harsh, and so outside the box.

    Rating: 90/100
    Distorted Sound
  • This entire piece of songwriting is both eloquent and touching, as it pulls from the songwriter’s own personal experience, creating a truly awesome 12 songs. As the listener, it left me with no alternative but to reach for the repeat.

    Rating: 90/100
    God Is in the TV
  • Household Name re-establishes the pair’s vitality to this extent, avoiding a potential sophomore slump in extending the countercultural charge that cemented the appeal of their first LP.

    Rating: 80/100
    The Line of Best Fit
  • Household Name is a refreshingly personal effort from West Coast musicians Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, whose evocative grunge outings as Momma are sounding increasingly impressive.

    Rating: 80/100
  • The band’s third album, and first for Lucky Number, is a whirlwind of huge riffs and slick ‘90s revivalism.

    Rating: 80/100
  • While musically speaking, they hold the stylistics of '90s rock close to their chests, they know better than to merely imitate their idols, lending their own voices to an existing template to create something more distinctive.

    Rating: 80/100
  • Pleasingly self-referential, ‘Household Name’ is a joyous selection, a record that melds together its alt-rock influences to locate a distinctive voice, pitting intricate instrumentation against some killer pop hooks. Looks like we may just have found our summer soundtrack.

    Rating: 80/100
  • The Brooklyn duo’s cheeky spin on Gen-X slacker rock asks: What does it take to become a 1990s alt-rock star right this minute?

    Rating: 72/100
  • They’ve retained a lyrical approach to their reality which they showed previously through their fiction, and it makes the record sit nicely amongst their discography.

    Rating: 70/100
    Loud and Quiet
  • Whether it's highly relatable or a bit paint-by-numbers is up to the listener, although the blueprint here is an auspiciously well-tested one.

    Rating: 60/100