Dear Scott
Released: 27th May, 2022

About Dear Scott

Dear Scott is an album by Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band. The album was released on May 27, 2022. It contains 12 songs.

Critic Reviews

  • Luminous and alive, Dear ScottĀ is just what Mick does: Head music, straight from the heart.

    Rating: 100/100
  • As is typical with Head's gorgeous music, you'd never guess his own turmoil from his conversational vocals and simply executed acoustics.

    Rating: 100/100
    Record Collector
  • Dear Scott finds the great man right back on top form, on an album that ranks right alongside his finest work.

    Rating: 100/100
    God Is in the TV
  • Even by Head's own lofty standards, this represents a late-career masterpiece.

    Rating: 90/100
  • Not only is it nice for long-time fans of his work, it gives those looking for someone making these kinds of desperately beautiful, painfully human songs a new artist to discover and love.

    Rating: 80/100