Tresor by Gwenno

Released: 1st July, 2022

About Tresor

Tresor is an album by Gwenno. The album was released on Jul 1, 2022. It contains 10 songs.


Critic Reviews

  • Tresor's inner landscape, both local and global, invites us to consider what vistas and future paths we might form from our own jumbled heritages and where it is we might find ourselves.

    Rating: 90/100
  • This enchanting and deeply felt piece of work looks set to give Cornish culture another shot in the arm, showcasing as it does the language’s attractive contours.

    Rating: 90/100
  • Flittering between cold hard modernity and something more primal, Tresor follows the Cornish Krautrock of 2018's Le Kov with songs exploring different kinds of self-determination.

    Rating: 80/100
  • There is an organic feel – through the use of field recordings of voices, folky melodies, rhythms suggesting traditional dance or diffuse vocals, and there’s a judicious balance between the electronic side of the album and the instinctively natural.

    Rating: 80/100
    The Arts Desk
  • Gwenno's excellent third album Tresor is a thrilling psych-pop journey well worth the four-year wait.

    Rating: 80/100
    The Skinny
  • Saunders’s third solo album is another riveting addition to a colourful career.

    Rating: 80/100
    The Irish Times
  • Written in Cornwall and sung almost entirely in the local tongue, this album is as beautiful and strange as the county itself.

    Rating: 80/100
    Evening Standard
  • Except for two electronic led numbers that become more of a slog than a celebration, Gwenno has once again married the otherworldly with the primal with supreme effect.

    Rating: 70/100