Released: 21st May, 2021

About WINK

WINK is a album by CHAI scheduled to be released on 21 May 2021. Chai announced the news of the album via a statement and explained the name WINK.

“A person who winks is a person with a pure heart, who lives with flexibility, who does what they want. A person who winks is a person who is free.With this album, we’re winking at you. We’re living freely and we hope that when you listen, you can wink and live freely, too."

The announcement of the album was accompanied by a release of a new video and song titled ACTION.

WINK is a follow up to PUNK released in 2019. The album contains 12 songs that includes Donuts Mind If I Do, Maybe Chocolate Chips [ft. Ric Wilson], ACTION, END, PING PONG! [ft. YMCK], Nobody Knows We Are Fun, It’s Vitamin C, IN PINK [ft. Mndsgn], KARAAGE, Miracle, Wish Upon a Star and Salty.